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I've been sitting here with this blog, wondering what my first post should really be, and when I was at the Austin .Net Users group meeting, I finally came up with my first decent idea.

I've seen all sorts of fragments of code around showing how to do this and that, but I really haven't seen anything like that for design.  Even for something as trivial as the Northwind database, I still haven't seen a good discussion about how would you design an application on top of Northwind.  What might make it even better is if you avoided a total re-write, dealing with the database’s current structure, and all of the pitfalls that comes along with it.  We don’t all live an ideal world where we can re-write our major business applications.  We have to live with what we have, and we can do our best to slowly fix it.

I know that I just started on the path to learning good Design; I finally have a copy of Jimmy Nilsson's Applying Domain-Drive Design and Patterns, and from the little bit I've read, perhaps a slice of my question is answered here.  But even with how trivial the Northwind database is, every time I ask the really experienced people I know a question about how would you implement Northwind, they start diving into requirements.  While I see requirements as being important, I feel that for this sample they can be made up as needed, assuming that it's a standard e-commerce site.  I know that I just can't take a sample Northwind design, and throw it at an enterprise application and assume that it will work, but then again, Northwind does a lot of the stuff that makes up a basic logic.  I'd like to know, what is the "best" way to make a repository for orders with line items?  I know it's a trivial, but I feel like I could extend an Order repository to do a lot better job then the poor design I've used in the past.

But from what I've skimmed out of ADDD&P, this seems like what I’ve been looking for.

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