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Zeeshan Jan

I have a question to ask :

 How can you convience a developer who has been working on the old .asmx web service to upgrade his web services to .svc i.e WCF Services.

How can you convince him so that he understands the benifits of using WCF. What are they when compared to .asmx age old web services.


I have a question to ask :

When we add reference to a WCF Service in our web site in Visual Studio we are not able to view any Reference.cs proxy class file as we can see it  , getting created in case of Windows Forms application or Console Application.

  Is there any interesting fact behind this ?


I have my first question on my BLOG for the WCF lovers: What is the difference between using the following two options: 1> Add Service Reference 2> Add Web Reference As far as my knowledge goes , the Add Web Reference is used to add the reference for the ASMX services, but Add Service Reference will create the proxy which is mainly for .NET 3.0 ......

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