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Aleksey Sudakov blog December 2005 Entries
Apple iPod mini Blue 4GB MP3 Player + Car Kit +Armband $225.00 APPLE IPOD 20GB 4TH GENERATION 5,000 SONGS! $167.98 APPLE IPOD 20GB 4TH GENERATION 5,000 SONGS! $140.61 Apple iPod Fourth Generation 20 Gig with iTrip Neoprene $177.50 APPLE IPOD NANO BLACK 2GB MP3 PLAYER BONUS CAR CHARGER $157.50 APPLE IPOD 40GB HARD DRIVE FROM 4TH GENERATION $95.60 APPLE IPOD 20GB HARD DRIVE FROM 4TH GENERATION $67.00 iTrip by Griffin Technology for Apple iPod FM transmit $15.50 ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 21, 2005 8:25 AM

Transcoding on Linux still suck
Transcoding on Linux still suck. The options are pretty much limited to ffmpeg, mencoder and transcode. Underneath it all boils down to libavcodec and all three are no more then different command line frontends. Surprisingly all are quite slow. But first thing first... MPEG-2 According to this TMpgEnc beats both transcode backends (ffmpeg and mpeg2enc) head out. I observed the same Encode FPS VSIM PSNR Notes TMpgEnc 2-pass VRB (D600 1.6GH) 5.33 61.98 32.00 Could double the speed with single pass ......

Posted On Friday, December 9, 2005 1:47 PM

So far the ways to make .mp4 are limited by final file muxer. There are just 2 muxers that available on both Windows and *NIX: mp4box (from gpac) and mp4creator. Both are stand alone programs, thus there is no way to make .mp4 as one process within either VFW or DirectShow on Windows, or whatever capture-encode-packaging on *NIX. There is a 3ivx mp4 muxer, but it doesn't support AVC. The story with AAC audio is no better. There is no DirectShow Encoders, period! Looks like Nero Recode does it using ......

Posted On Thursday, December 1, 2005 3:33 PM

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