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Early Frost of Our Discontent Dave Yasko

Things have actually started to pick up at work lately.  Microsoft released a CTP of a new CAB replacement product called Acropolis.  I've been tasked (along with a couple of coworkers) to design a business entity and its user interface using our newest best practices and the MVP pattern (I'm still learning MVP though).  With the lack of new TV, I've been catching up on some TiVo'd over the last several months, and playing Disney's Cars on my Wii with my son.  I've been reading a book on WPF by Charles Petzold that I bought months ago.  I've gotten back into doing the New York Times crossword puzzles (Sundays only right now, but that's ok).  I'm getting back to the deisgn of my D&D software.  I've subscribed to 18 different podcasts, mostly NPR, that I listen to at work.  I have the idea for a series of short stories that I want to write, but I'm afraid they might be too cliche.  We'll see.

Whew, that's about it.  Later,


Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007 11:46 AM General | Back to top

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