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I received a broadcast email today from Xobni announcing that they have released Xobni for Outlook to the masses.  You can download it here:

and read about it here:

To give you a little understanding of the people behind Xobni, I want to fill you in on my experience.  I've had a beta copy of Xobni installed on each of my three PCs.  My home PC is runs Vista Ultimate and Office 2007.  This PC runs with two profiles (myself and my wife).  I ran into some issues with Xobni if you shut down outlook, you couldn't re-open it unless you go to task mgr and kill it.  For this reason, I un-installed it from my home pc.  During the uninstall it asked for a free form text of why you were un-installing it.  Being a good beta user, I filled it out.  A few days later I received an email from Matt Brezina, co-founder of Xobni.  He asked they could set up a call and talk through the problems I was experiencing.  I was so impressed with their drive for quality, that I agreed.  I ended up having an hour long call with Greg Thatcher from Xobni, during which I let him remote control my PC, review log files and do some testing to make sure he fully understood my issue.   During this time he started digging for more information around performance and other user experience areas.  I have never seen a beta program that was this dedicated to getting it right.  I can't begin to express the amount of respect I have for these guys.  What an awesome organization!

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