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  • woodbasen Man må bare elske Fars dag! ungerne laver morgenmad. En gave der garanterer en perfekt @COPENHELL. En halv arbejdsdag og en fodboldkamp :-D about 663 days ago

Woodbase Umbraco - CSS - jQuery - .Net - C# June 2009 Entries
Get to love your database or not...
People always told me not to use MS Access for my web sites, however the closest they ever got to actually telling me why not, is something like: "It doesn't perform well if you have many user!" Well how many users is many I asked? This is where Einstein comes in to modern programming: "Everything is relative!" When I asked how many is many (user on an Access database) no one ever came up with a number - it was everything from 10 to 10.000. So Access performance has never been an issue to me, since ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 2, 2009 3:20 AM

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