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Ok, so I'm a little late to the Blog party that’s been going on for years now.  Instead of Blogging, I’ve been writing code, creating applications, and trying to learn the best techniques out there such as TDD, DDD, etc… But, the more I learn, the more irritated I get with the state of Microsoft development and Microsoft developers in general.  So… my cup runneth over and now I must vent.  That’s the main purpose of this Blog is for me to express the opinions I’ve formed doing development over the past 9 years.  Through these rants, I hope I can stir conversations and thoughts so that we all may benefit from them.  Yes, all… I very much welcome challenges to my opinions because in the end, I know I don’t know everything and programming is journey with no end. Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 9:11 PM | Back to top

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