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CodeXS Version 0.57b was released on 13 July 2006.

You can download the source-code by re/registering here:

You can check the latest update information here:

You can run the CodeXS online tool here:

Version 0.57ß - 13 Jul 2006

  • Currently still provides complete support for VS2005/.NET 2.0, and VS2003/.NET 1.1.
  • Collection class bug-fixes

The following bugs-fixes are implemented:

  • Names for schema complex types an elements with multiple occurrences can now include the phrase 'Collection'.
  • Return types and parameters for the standard collection methods and properties now use the correct collection element type.
  • The ToArray and FromArray corrected for double-index ragged array return and parameter types, respectively.

Note: CodeXS supports ragged array serialization with a maximum array rank of 2.

  • Override modifier on sub-classed virtual methods and properties

A more general solution has been provided to correct the error where a virtual attribute is declared that should be an override attribute.

  • Type instantiation support

Type instantiation (vs. primitive non-instantable types) checking is enhanced. This should reduce the occurrence of the (usually recoverable) exception: "Cannot determine type <type>''. Type assumed instantiable.".

  • Additional documentation support

Documentation utility methods have been added to allow for more extensive and easier documentation of the generated code.

  • ISchemaObjectReader interface removed

This interface has been removed for the following reasons:

  • The ICodeModifer interface provides the correct entry points for code modifer enhancements requiring direct reading from the XML schemas.
  • The ICodeModifer interface now supports the .NET 2.0 SchemaImporterExtension class implementation in the ICodeModifier interface.
  • The ICodeModifer interface supports initialization, which can be used as an entry point to pre-read schemas.
  • Logging support for ICodeModifier implementers

Logging using the CodeXS logging implementation can be used directly from an ICodeModifier implementor in an external assembly. 

  • Missing declarations and definitions in the code

A bug-fix was implemented to avoid this error, and appears to be working as expected.

  • Assembly and file version control

Assembly and file version numbers now correspond with the public release version numbers.

  • XML schema documentation add-in

An ICodeModifier implementation add-in has been provided which reads schema <xs:documentation/> tags and injects the documentation into the generated code documentation comments.

This add-in is implemented by reading the XML schema(s) for the generated code files, and matching schema-types to generated code types. This add-in is implemented to read and modify the CodeDOM's after the other code-generators have executed and therefore post-processes the CodeDOM. It has been implemented to work for both .NET 2.0, and .NET 1.1.

For .NET 2.0, the CXSC application commandline is:

cxsc {..} -m="CodeXS.Schema.StandardCodeModifier.dll","SchemaDocumentation.dll"

For .NET 1.1, the CXSC application commadline is:

cxsc {..} -m="CodeXS.Schema.StandardCodeModifier.Net1_1.dll","SchemaDocumentation.Net1_1.dll"

NOTE: The CodeXS online tool does not utilize this add-in.

  • .NET 2.0 SchemaImporterExtension class

For .NET 2.0, the abstract class System.Xml.Serialization.Advanced.SchemaImporterExtension has been provided for sub-classing. A sub-classed instance receives call-backs via the sub-class implemented ImportSchemaType methods, and provides a context for the CodeDOM type/member and the System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaObject that is used for the CodeDOM construct. This allows a code-modifier to modify the CodeDOM while it is being constructed by the code generator. In general, this provides a much safer and simpler way to relate the XML schema objects to their CodeDOM counterparts.

CodeXS provides complete support for writing SchemaImporterExtension implementers.

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