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Maybe this is the external tool that MS forgot to build into VS...?

I often find that I need to open a File Explorer window in the folder that contains the file highlighted in the VS Solution Explorer. Manual navigation can be frustrating, and time-consuming.

The easy solution is to define an external tool in the VS IDE as follows:

  • Click the Tools/External Tools... menu item.
  • In the External Tools Dialog, click the Add button.
  • In the Title text box add: Explorer,
  • In the Command text box add: explorer.exe,
  • In the Arguments text box add: /select,"$(ItemPath)",
  • In the Initial Directory text box add: $(ItemDir).
  • Click Ok.

Now when you have a file highlighted in the solution window, click the Tools/Explorer menu item in the VS IDE, and File Explorer opens up into the appropriate folder with the highlighted file in the VS Solution window selected in File Explorer.

Works for VS2003, and VS2005.

Posted on Tuesday, May 30, 2006 7:02 AM .NET Adventures | Back to top

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