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System tray application basics for .NET 2.0
[ Comment: This code was originally written for .NET 1.1 and ported as is. As such, it should not refer to .NET 2.0 at all. Please refer to the comments of Stefan Els below for a 'real' and more elegant .NET 2.0 implementation ] Providing a basic 'system tray application' using VS2005/C#/.NET 2.0 is very simple. The functionality is this: .NET Windows Forms application. When the main window is closed, the application is not terminated - instead the main window is not visible and an icon appears in ......

Posted On Monday, January 30, 2006 7:22 AM

CodeXS for VS2005/.NET 2.0 released 14 Jan 2006
We have updated our CodeXS tool (Online Tool, Source-code Download, Article) to run in the Visual Studio 2005/.NET 2.0 environment: Only one critical bug has been resolved with this update. Further updates are planned, but the objective of this update is to provide the same base-lined generator for both .NET versions. 'Type xxx:yyy not found' error during schema import operations: This error occurs as a result of the target schema not being compiled in all cases. Mostly, this error did not occur ......

Posted On Monday, January 16, 2006 6:03 AM

Re-connecting bluetooth mouse on computer startup..
Installed my Targus bluetooth notebook mouse (a lovely Xmas pressie!) on my Dell notebook - works like a charm and does not require a BT dongle on my notebook (saves a USB port). But alas, when you restart the notebook, it does not work - at first I removed and re-added the device - what a drag. Then found the answer on Google - all you have to do is click a few mouse buttons and voilá - it reconnects automatically. Obvious in retrospect, I suppose - but dragging the mouse around (which is the ......

Posted On Sunday, January 1, 2006 9:01 AM

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