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In the next few lines, I will be providing a brief review of Telerik’s JustDecompile, a free .Net decompiler and assembly browser.

In using Telerik’s 2012 Q3 JustDecompile release, one can see many great features.  First off, I loved the built-in options for loading .Net assemblies automatically using the Open->Load Framework menu option. Other options enable loading assemblies from GAC, XAP URL or locally from disk. The ability to create an “Assembly List” is quiet handy for grouping and saving a “List” of DLLs to load.

All loaded assemblies are shown in the left panel of a split-panel screen. Clicking an assembly expands all namespaces within. Drilling further to class level displays the actual source code in the right panel in either IL, C# or Visual Basic.

In conclusion, JustDecompile has grown and quickly matured into an indispensible handy tool for us developers. Telerik’s effort in maintaining and updating JustDecompile as well as the company’s commitment to keeping it free is much appreciated and valued.

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2012 6:51 PM , ASP.Net 4.0 , .Net 4.0 | Back to top

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