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Files downloaded using Internet Explorer retain Internet Zone permission level and hence are “Blocked” by default on Windows 7 machines. Honestly, while an added overhead for developers; I really appreciate this feature as it provides a good protection layer for casual web users.
My workaround is to simply unblock the downloaded zip file (if download was a zip file) which, in turn, unblocks the files stored within.
Today however, I was left with a situation where I had to “Open” and “Copy” the content rather than “Save” a zip file. That of course left me with a few dozen files I have to manually unblock.
A few minutes of internet search lead me to the link below which worked like a charm:
1-Download streams.exe from SystInternals -
2-Go to command prompt (cmd.exe)
3-Navigate to where you have streams.exe installed
4-Use command line switches: streams.exe –s –d “<folder path>”
This removed the Internet Zone restrictions from all files under “<folder path>” and its subfolders as well. [Deleted :Zone.Identifier:$DATA]
posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 5:02 PM


# re: All in a Day's Work: Unblocking Multiple Downloaded Files with a Single Command 11/9/2011 10:49 AM QuentH
nice find!

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