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The other day I had a snazzy post on fetching all the video (WMV) files from Mix ‘10. A simple, console application that grabbed the urls from the OData feed and downloaded the videos. I wanted to change that app to fire the OData query asynchronously so here’s what resulted:

   1:          static void Main(string[] args)
   2:          {
   3:              var mix = new Mix.EventEntities(new Uri(""));
   5:              var temp = mix.Files.Where(f => f.TypeName == "WMV");
   6:              var query = temp as DataServiceQuery<Mix.File>;
   8:              query.BeginExecute(OnFileQueryComplete, query);
  10:              // waiting...
  11:              Console.ReadLine();
  12:          }
  14:          static void OnFileQueryComplete(IAsyncResult result)
  15:          {
  16:              var query = result.AsyncState as DataServiceQuery<Mix.File>;
  17:              var response = query.EndExecute(result);
  19:              var web = new WebClient();
  21:              var myVideos = Path.Combine(Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyVideos), "Mix10");
  23:              Directory.CreateDirectory(myVideos);
  25:              foreach (Mix.File f in response)
  26:              {
  27:                  var fileName = new Uri(f.Url).Segments.Last();
  28:                  Console.WriteLine(f.Url);
  29:                  web.DownloadFile(f.Url, Path.Combine(myVideos, fileName));
  30:              }
  31:          }

There are two important things here that are not explained well in the MSDN docs:

  1. See lines 5 and 6? That’s where I query for the WMV files and it returns an IQueryable<T>. You *have* to cast that to a DataServiceQuery<T> and then call BeginExecute. The documented example does not filter so it didn’t show that step.
  2. Line 16 shows the correct way to get the previously executed DataServiceQuery<T> from the async result. If you looked at the MSDN example docs it shows (incorrectly) just casting the result, like this:
    // wrong
    var query = result as DataServiceQuery<Mix.File>;

Other than those items it is relatively straight forward and we’re all async-ified. Enjoy!

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