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Uncle Bob hit the nail on the head with his post A Mess is not Technical Debt. I’ve been using the term “technical debt” to refer to crap code because it is easy to understand. The idea of adding debt is something most people understand. But, as Bob put it, it can wash over the actual problem – the code base sucks.

It’s always difficult to call out code and say it sucks because there is a person behind that code and my tendency is to play nice. Using “technical debt” allowed me to say that something was awful without being too rude. I misused the phrase “technical debt” but now have been shown the light.

When you make an decision to crap work then you have made a mess – it is not technical debt. This is my favorite quote from Bob’s post:

The decision to make a mess is never rational, is always based on laziness and unprofessionalism, and has no chance of paying of in the future. A mess is always a loss.

Amen brother!

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