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George Mauer gave a great presentation at the Greater New Orleans .Net User Group last Monday. It was titled “You Can’t Dance the Lambda” and it was all about lambdas in .Net.

He did a great job explaining lambdas so even people new to them should have come away with a good understanding. Here’s the follow up email he sent out:

Thanks again to everyone that attended our meeting yesterday and a double thanks for all the kind words afterward.  We had sent a tentative goal of 15 regular attendees by next May and were at 18 on our very first attempt!  And this is WITH no-shows from several of our regulars and a few last minute cancellations (tsk tsk). 

Once again a big thanks to Antares for sponsoring and providing food, drinks, and swag!

From the feedback that I am hearing people really enjoyed the talk and are eager to get their hands on the code and slides.  Several ways to get them:

Via SVN:  Everything is up on my shared repository on google code: - if I make changes these files these will be the most up to date.
If you don't want to deal with svn I've created a zip file of everything you need available here:  We are still having some trouble getting to do all the things we want but the files will hopefully end up on there too.
I've posted the slides on slideshare so you can view them with no download: (No animations, Odd formatting, no transparent images but still readable)

By the way, please don't give too much attention to the notes on the slides - they are still incomplete and out of date.  I do plan on updating them today or tomorrow. 

I am sending this out from my personal email but if you have registered at gnodotnet yet and are interested in coming back, please head on over to to sign up.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions regarding the presentation or regarding the user-group please feel free to get in touch with me.  Also if anyone wants to get involved with administering the group (Looking for speakers, coordinating where/when we meet, handling the mailing list, designing the website) then DEFINITELY get in touch with me.

Once again, thank you everyone for the great meeting.

George Mauer
GNO .NET Vice President
Twitter: @togakangaroo

Some Links:

Stack Overflow on What are Lambdas good for:
Stack Overflow on Crazy hidden features and tricks in C#:
Gnocode (General programmers meetup group):
Ruby Bayou (If you met Josh at the meeting he's the president of the new Ruby user group):


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