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OK so I am sat here in the speakers lounge at TechEd Europe 2006 and have been talking to all sorts of people from Microsofties to independent Consultants.  I was chatting away to Mike Hall and we were saying that we should do some sort of little chat or question and answer session on mobility so if anyone has any burning questions that they would like Mike to try answering I will see what i can do... just post them here and we will go through them.

The other thing is I have the access to all the speakers over the course of this week and I am wondering what info people would like from whom.... so any questions for any of them?  I will try to find them and see whether they can answer the questions... the results may be on different sites to this one but if they are then I will link to them.

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Mike Hall, a legend in his field! I would love to read Mike's thoughts on interation. We are seeing better devices almost by the month now and for me, its about getting things communicating, sharing data, images, media, proximity alerts! Devices that sniff the local area and if another comes along some sort of vibration or other alert, the device saying "Hey im here! I can do this" I wonder how he see's Win CE and the Mobile platform advancing towards this?
Left by Pace on Nov 07, 2006 1:27 PM

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Day 1, TechEd Europe 2006, Barcelona, Chatting with Mike Hall, How cool is that!

Rock on Sarah!
Left by Sheamus on Nov 08, 2006 6:25 AM

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I'll see what I can do Pace... I have suggested that the guys on TechEd live do a short video with him and try to include the items in your comment... if they don't manage that then i will corner him later today ;)
Left by Sarah on Nov 08, 2006 8:35 AM

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There will be a TechEd live video of Mike Hall online sometime today... which has your questions answered in it ;)

See... it's all interactive really, in a round about sort of way ;)
Left by Sarah on Nov 08, 2006 1:27 PM

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