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I have been pretty busy over the past few weeks and feel as though I have been neglecting my mobility stuff, but I have noticed a few things of interest around online.  Some have been pointed out to me by others and some are just useful things that I find interesting. So here goes:

There was a Microsoft announcement earlier this week about Windows Communicaiton Foundation support for the Compact Framework.  This is an area that I am quite interested in because although Microsoft have brough out .Net 3.0 for the standard framework to date there hasn't been a release for the Compact Framework so it really didn't cover all technologies and was to me rated as an annoyance.  Something to not is that for now the Compact Framework implementation doesn't support the service model which to me detracts from the implementation.  I am fully hoping that they will include this soon... I know I just want everything yesterday!  Typical developer! ;)  Anyway you will find Roman's article here

Paul from MoDaCo has been delving into the devices again and he has been showing off some of the latest toys in the mobility industry.  You can see his most recent reviews on the I-Mate SPL and the HTC P3300.  He always seems to have the latest mobiles to play with so his site's well worth watching.

So now onto the more mobile marketing style of things... I got a rather random e-mail from Rich McIver who writes for Mobile Rental dot com and he has written a rather amuing and fun article on 33 ways to s*x up your cell phone. It's all rather tongue in cheek and not to be taken to seriously but it brightened up a dull moment.

I also had another email from a mobility friend Rudy, who is one of the organisers for Under the Radar Mobility Conference, he is trying to identify some of the big new up and coming new mobility start up companies, so if you know of one that you think would fit the description and has big potential then feel free to submit them to Under the Radar.

I'm certain there are thousands of other bits of interest this week around the web but these are the ones that have caught my attention.  BTW I hate doing these sort of link posts because people seem to think that it's all about linking... for me this post is about being able to find the info again at some point in the future.

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