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Developer, Developer, Developer Day (DDD) is all about technology and the community!  As a valued member of the technology community it is your duty to participate and shape the community as you see fit (assuming you are available on the 2nd December and are near Reading in the UK!).  This means that you should take the opportunity to teach others and learn from those others around you.  (Are you listening Mr Dave "SOA" Oliver!)


Many people who do talks at DDD are nervous about talking in front of technical audiences, and the audiences are very understanding of this.  They too are there to learn.  Developers  like to share knowledge but can be a bit shy.  Don't be!  Break the mould and try something new!  There is nothing like seeing the lights turn on in peoples minds as they suddenly realise what they could be doing with the technology and applications that are available to them. 


And what about Mash-up's and code sessions… well you can get involved with those too.  There is nothing to stop developers working together to solve technical problems.  You can choose any sort of session you like… you can do it as a round the table discussion, a panel discussion, a presentation or something totally new and different.  This is your event, your canvas and is for you as a developer to make a difference!


And the female developers amongst you shouldn't be nervous about the male/female mix.  The guys don't care what gender you are… they are there because they want to hear about the technology, most of them couldn't care less if you are female (Granted they may be in shock… but that's their normal state of affairs when they see something new and different ;) )  And if you so wish as a group of females… if enough of you want to speak you could almost put together a girly geek stream of sessions!  How fun would that be!  It would be interesting to see if those sessions were more popular than the other areas… it's all dependant upon content! 


So what do you say!  Come and join me on sessions list and see if your session gets put forward as a final proposal!  I look forward to seeing some of you online and there on the day! 


Ps.  I think the guys looking after the site had a bit of an issue earlier with adding session proposals, apparently it's fixed now but if you submitted a session over the past week or so and it's not up there then please re-submit.  (they do manually look over the sessions to check that they aren't spam so it takes a little while for them to show up)

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