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I happened to fall across this post today on Jeff Sandquist's blog.  It seems that on10 are looking to find a new leader... there is that much work to do over there and on Channel 9 that they need an extra pair of hands.  What they are looking for is an innovative, futuristic, dynamic person to lead their very fun team of enthusiast evangelists. 

I am assuming that the role that they are trying to fill is over in the US so visa requirements will need to be taken into consideration for anyone outside of the US wanting to apply... but don't let that stop you!  It looks like a fun job for anyone who has the right skills and has a passion for all things web 2.0 and beyond... as well as gaming etc. 

You can also “virtually” meet the On10 team on the site to see who you might be working with! 

If you apply please tell Jeff that he owes me one for this post!


Last of all if you do apply good luck and remember to watch the video on his post because it tells you how to apply... you will need a pen and paper.  You have an e-mail to send and a few questions to answer in an innovative style!

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