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Aral Balkan on Jeremy Keith, Hijax

Riaz Kanani on the day so far at Barcamp London

Matthew Pennell on Day One of BarCamp

Frances Berriman on Day one, part one and also Day one, part two, Day 2

Riaz Kanani on morning of day 2.. v early morning

James Stewart on day one

Mike Davies on day one

Write up of Matt Webbs future apps thing

"The first rule of Barcamp..." write up by Luke Redpath

"Talking about widgets" Jay on the widgets session Saturday afternoon

"Talking about widgets again" Steve on the widgets session Saturday afternoon

Jay on the Barcamp Werewolf tournament (Is that the right word?)

That was the weekend that was - a quick roundup by David Emery


Steve Bowbrick's Barcamp pics

Jay Gooby's Barcamp pics

Flickr Tagged BarCamp

Flickr Tagged BarCampLondon 

Flickr Tagged BarCampLondon2006


Podcast of the Mystery Session & Girly Geek Speak session

Video video


opiumfield browser


TheyWorkForYou API (playing games with MPs)

Unobtrusive Javascript with Ruby on Rails by Luke Redpath

The Customisable Web

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