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Well I started to train for London to Brighton about 2 weeks ago… starting with setting my bike up, getting the gears set up for hills and fitting cleats to my bike.  I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not yet… you see they are a little different to use than ordinary pedals… your shoe is attached to the bike and you have to twist your foot to get out of them…. I think you can see where this is leading…


Well anyway my first ride out was around the countryside of Basingstoke and after doing all of the above I was all ready to set off on my first training session…. I put my first foot into the cleat and then thought … “oops… wrong foot to start… “ I managed to get myself attached to the bike in the wrong pedal position so couldn’t push off… and then had to try to un-clip…. Well disaster…. Got my foot out of the cleat but twisted the bike into my foot and managed to out of the cleat but twisted the bike in the process and the gear cog went into my other leg… :S It got cut up pretty badly… so I had to be patched up and then we were off…


I managed to do 17 miles for my first session but its all pretty flat round where we went.  I didn’t struggle too much and did an average of about 16mph which wasn’t fantastic….


The second training session that I did was on Sunday.  I decided that I need to get my general fitness levels back up to where they used to be and noticed that I needed to work on my lung capacity so went for a swim for an hour and a half at my local pool.  I did lots of short sets of 100 metres mainly front crawl but did move on to breaststroke and backstroke for a couple of them.  I even managed to get in a couple of IM drill sets in too. 


Since the weather was really nice and sunny that day I also decided to go for a short ride on my bike.  This time on my own and on a route that I knew would be really tough, just to see just how much more work I need to do to get myself up to standard.  Well… this particular route involves a very, very long hill…. I got about half way up the hill (8 miles into the ride) and had to give up…. There was no way I was going to get up it after all the swimming… my body was just totally physically drained.  So I have now vowed that I will get up it before London to Brighton because it’s about the same gradient as Ditchlynn beacon. 


I’m off out on another ride this evening but the weather this week has been terrible… showers, thunder storms and windy too… Not exactly what you want for training conditions… but hey… This session will probably be around 20 miles weather permitting. 


A friend of mine is also dragging me off to the gym every morning at 7:15 – 8:15 to get me up to full fitness and I’m playing badminton on Wednesdays too… It’s a wonder that I actually get to have time to do girly dinners and anything else at the moment.  (you don’t want to see my diary at the moment!)


I’m also off to MEDC Europe in June and will be in Nice from 2nd – 11th June.  I will be taking my rollerblades over so that I can at least do some exercise whilst I am out there… otherwise all this training will be in vain… Do let me know if you are also going to the event and we will have to arrange meeting up for a few drinks and some geeking out! ;)


If you would like to sponsor me for this event please follow this URL!!!

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2006 3:47 AM Personal | Back to top

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Hi Sara

I'm a computer engineering student and wireless consultant in New York. I was just looking into attending hte MEDC Europe conference in Nice, as I'll be in Toulouse the day before. I'm then going to be in UK for 5 weeks - mostly in London and Brighton, and also planning to do the London/Brighton ride with about 20 friends.

Was searching for some sort of MEDC discount, as it is up to $1300 US with tax for me and way too expensive. Any info on how to get a discounted ticket there? I have some industry resources I am going to work on as well, but when I came accross you through Google, thought I'd ask.

Sue Peters
Left by Sue Peters on May 21, 2006 4:04 PM

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