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Well I thought I would post a really non-techie post this evening as I had such a really fun evening out with some of the guys from my office!  We all went to the Go Karting track in Andover.  It was awesome.  We were up against 10 other teams.  :)  And we were team no 11!!! (Which happens to be my lucky number as I was born on the 11/11)

Anyway... there were 5 of us on our team including me and we were racing as a team for 2.5 hours.  It was pure fun and adrenaline all the time.  :)  We started off in poll position coming off of the start line and were second by the first change over... (wicked driver David managed to keep us up at the front but team 1 were awesome!) Then came Nick who was also really very good... I was surprised (David I knew was good).  Anyway after Nick came me.... :S  I managed to keep it on the track most of the time... I spun once at the top corner just before the down ramp thanks to some guy ramming me into the barrier and some other guy then rammed into the side of me after that so I was very bruised and battered after that.... Then shortly after that on the chicane I got caught out and spun it a bit... but from then on I was good.  Not too bad we were still in 3rd by the time I had finished my bit...

Anyway... to cut a long story short we came second overall!  Which was awesome considering I was a novice as was one of the other guys on the team (as in had only ever done Karting once before and a long time ago, whereas the others had one that track a few times before and kart once a month regularly).  All in all it was an awesome result.  The first placed team were team 1 and they just knew that track soooo well and had 5 wicked drivers (no novices at all... but they were 7 laps ahead of everyone else by that time... we were 3 ahead of the other teams behind us).

All in all a totally wicked evening despite the bruises... and I got my first ever karting trophy... second place... so room for improvement next time!!!

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Good for you!! I was just surfing around the web saw this blog. I'm really considering getting into go-karting. It looks so much fun!
Left by Tony on Jun 03, 2007 2:21 AM

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