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Well I am finally getting round to writing about what happened at the third London Girl Geek Dinner. And I have to say it was really cool. I was a little worried at first about the slow sign-ups but in the end we made it to the 45 people that I had hoped would make it to the event. There were a few last minute sign-ups and a few last minute drop outs but all in all it was good.

There were a few more guys at this event than I expected but they did all have invitations from girls. I think us girls will have to watch out that we don't invite more guys than we would like there. I guess that is part of the fun of the event. It is up to us to decide who and how many men we invite along to the event with us.

I was a little nervous about organising this event because I initially didn't have any confirmed speakers so decided to adopt the rather radical idea of an open mic night (which could have been a disaster), however Rachel Jones came to my rescue and did a talk on mobile device interface and usability, which was great. So I have to say a very big thank you to Rachel as she started off our open mic night! (It couldn't have worked with out her!) So whilst Rachel was talking a few other people were arranged to continue the speaches... some with arms twisted to go up and others... well lets just say willing victims ;) But I think by the end of the evening everyone had a great time.

I met quite a few new people who found out about the event from the net and other people and I hope that people continue to be interested in the events. The Q & A session was a little nerve wracking... basically i opened up the mic for anyone to ask me questions about anything at all... and I really did mean anything. Fortunately for me the guys that were in the room were too polite to ask any rude questions, so thanks guys! And the girls would never ask anything too bad. :) Lloyd Davis was there doing podcasts all evening and he has posted the podcasts on his site, we are still awaiting the speaches ones but I'm sure they are on their way.

I am interested as always for any feedback on the event.... improvements, speakers, alternative locations etc. Any and all feedback is always welcomed! I anticipate the next LGGD to be around the 18th April but look out for official confirmation of this on the wiki and the website!

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