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I went to the Wiki Wednesday meeting last night and I have to say I was very impressed. The views from the 22nd floor of Dresdner were amazing. I would love to have those views every day when I was at the office. Then again I want everything beautiful.

I met a lot of very interesting people and some of the conversations were very interesting. Adriana was telling me all about her work and how she integrates Wiki's into organisations working practice. It is a great idea and there is a lot of potential to do this in any company I can definitely see how it could benefit companies, particularly when the company and clients can be anywhere in the world rather than co-located. I am sure Adriana's site will tell you more about it if you would like to know more.

I also met a couple of university graduates that were looking to start up their own businesses Anuj and his friend, who's name escapes me at the moment (sorry!!! I did warn you I was rubbish with names :S). I know where they are coming from with wanting to start up their own businesses. I just hope that they get the right management and support team together to get the job done. Good luck guys. And if I can ever give you any support or advice you know where i am.

The photo's from the event are pretty good and you can find then on flickr - wikiwed. Fortunately for me there is only one really bad picture of me there. I will learn how to pose for a camera properly one day. (then again it had been a long day)

I think I am going to stop introducing myself as a software engineer and start thinking up some really funky intro's instead. I played back my recordings of the evening and the number of times I got the response of stunned silence to "software engineer" was worrying... especially when they found out that I do embedded stuff.

News: Dresdner are going to launch their company blogs within the next week!

Our social world: some very funky technology was showcased last night with real time updates of who is writing about the event whilst people are there and the results are scrolled on the projector during breaks. This means that if you are there and you blog about it & post it whilst you are there you will see your own work on the wall! How cool/ crazy is that. I got to see it up and running last night and it looked pretty good. The guys and girls organising that event are really clued up. I hope they enjoy the event, they are working really hard to make it interesting and successful. Good luck with it. I'm so sorry I can't attend but I will be looking out for Podcasts to hear what happened and what was said.

Last but definitely not least there is a big thank you to be said for the events organisers for last night, Ross and JP! Well done on a really good and fun evening. I look forward to the next one!

So I guess the question is when do Mobile Mondays come over to the UK? There are enough developers and mobile device manufacturers based in Basingstoke to maybe do something here… We do happen to have Sony and Motorola in the same town… (granted the work done here isn't all directly mobile related but hey… just floating an idea…

No doubt I will get more questions about when we get to do the next girly geek dinner as well soon. I have been thinking we should get the girls together and discuss how we want them to be run and organised. Where should they be advertised and how would it be easiest to get the details out to all the girls quickly and effectively. I need someone to choose a date that doesn't clash with any other conferences, conventions wiki days or geek dinners…. Basically we need a big diary for all these events in calendar format so that we know what events are on what days so that they don't clash… I reckon the next step with the wiki is to integrate a calendar into it…. Let me know about dates that suit you and speakers that you would like to hear from for the next girly geek dinner. (Go on Adriana… I know you want to! ;) )

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Certainly looks a stunning location from the pictures on Flickr.

Have to see if we can find somewhere comparable for the Reading Geek Dinner... Or maybe not...
Left by Richard on Sep 09, 2005 6:47 PM

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