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It's really odd the way humans behave and react.  Sometimes they suprise me and sometimes they just annoy and frustrate me.  Today has been one of those rather mixed days, frustration of terrorists getting away with terrorism again, annoyed because we decreased our security levels!  (what was that all about? Especially with G8 on as well!)

I have seen so many different reactions to todays events in London and to be honest some of them disgust me.  Some people seem to have a morbid curiosity in what happened.  Others just seem not to care less.

The world of technology has silenced after the event, I don't know whether it is just that peoples minds are on other things, or whether they just don't know what to say.  The way I see it is that things must go on.  If they don't then the people who did this will win their battle. We can not let that happen, I won't let that happen! 

It looks like we the presence of the internet need to keep an eye on anything suspicious however small we think it is.  It seems that the intelligence services of the world on their own can not prevent this.  It needs to be all the people of the world working together to prevent such things from happening.  Let the voices of the net unite and connect knowlegde and the internet with fighting terrorism. 

The people who organised this act must have planned it somewhere, be it online, in a cafe or over the phone... Someone somewhere must have some information about the organisation of this.  If anyone knows anything about it, it is their duty to report it.  If they don't then they are as guilty as those people who did this. Spread the word and lets see what we can do.

On a better note I have been very impressed with the emergency services and I hope that they get the recognition that they deserve!  Well done you guys! (keep up the good work!)  I know that you guys work hard 24/7 and it is about time that someone gives you all a huge thank you!

Finally, my deepest condolences go out to all those families that have lost someone very special in this tragic day.  I hope that those people who were injured can recover and that people become stronger and more determined to put an end to this.

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2005 7:54 PM | Back to top

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it's "don't know what to say" and everything seems a little less important in perspective... (my feeling at least)
Left by Julie Lerman on Jul 07, 2005 9:23 PM

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