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Well having had my Geek blog site I have managed to find time for 10 posts (11 including this one!) and 1 article.  OK I will be the first to admit that they aren't all technical but hey, we can't all be geeky all the time.  There has to be some time for fun!

So what has this month brought about in the world of Sarah....

  • My distaint for MS developer support on the CE platform began
  • I fell in love with SQLite
  • A new bike and a very long first bike ride.... 54 miles
  • Lots of testing and problem solving
  • Some pics of me were published on my site
  • Some coding... but it's not on here.... the code that i have been writing is xslt translation stuff, and c# code relating to manipulation of data based on this.
  • I went to my first geek dinner and met Mr Scoble & numerous others that were possibly more geeky than me!
  • I became a geek.... ?  (not entirely sure about that one but hey!)

What's next....

I have no idea at the moment.... whatever comes up.... whatever I find funky and interesting, useful things and whatever really really annoys me will no doubt be on here. 

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Ah Waterbaby.. geekness is something that becomes you - you do not become it. You must not resist - accept the mantle of geekiness and all will become clear..
</wise man mode>

.. and complicated :) You're right about SQLite though - very cool package and best of all I can get it set up on our dev box without the DB admin having to get involved..

"MS developer support on the CE platform" .. Hey, I'm about to load Linux onto a CF card - should be fun but I'll be supporting myself - "support I can depend on". It's all part of the geek thing. Have a good day !
Left by peterg on Jun 30, 2005 11:08 AM

# re: The first month as a Geek
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Let me know how the Linux on a CF goes... I would be interested in the results! You have some pretty funky stuff on your site! I like it although it took me a while to get to grips with the layout!

I will try not to deny the geekiness.... honest! ;)
Left by Sarah Blow on Jun 30, 2005 11:19 AM

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