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Vlad Lyandres
I just wish I'd seen this article 4 years ago when I started on my first WPF application. On the other hand .NET 4.0 was not available to me back then and half of the frameworks discussed there did not exist. Prism was the only one available to me.Anyhow, this is an excellent design guidelines describing real-time trading application and my next goal ......

Oct 13
I was looking at my son's assignment last night and realized that I never heard of this site before. It certainly looks like a cool thing. it supports 60 different programming languages and has clean interface and super easy to use.

So far I was just using bookmarks in the browser to collect the information that seems interesting but it quickly grew out of hand. this looks like a good place to post links and/or thoughts to come back to it later. And it would not look weird as it would on a Facebook.

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