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News Hi, my name is Vincent Grondin and I'm a senior consultant at Fujitsu, a consulting firm in Montreal, Québec. I'm starting that blog to share some of my thoughts and knowledge on .NET architectures and code. Being a consultant in the .NET world I come across many different things. Some good, some bad and others that are worth a blog post here whether they be good, or hmmm... shall I say, less good :) I hope you enjoy yourself while learning new stuff. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me anytime.
Vincent Grondin

At my former client we needed to move the TFS collection from one TFS server to another.  If you want to do the same thing, you need to start looking at the official procedure for doing so.  If you are using the LAB Manager, then you will need to re-create all your VMs into the Lab (they might still be on SCVMM but not inside Hyper-v at least mine weren’t there anymore).  If you are changing domain at the same time, the current users in the TFS collection are not going to be accessible in the other domain BUT your work items will keep their fields (Assigned to) with their current value.  You will only lose that value if you change it to something else, then the old domain user will not be usable from the pick list anymore.  Your code base history will still be using the old username / domain and keep functioning like it should.  If like me you are using Team Build 2010, then you will have to re-create your build server / controllers / Agents for the new collection.  Another side note is if like me you did a “Dry Run” before you actually did the move, then make sure that after this dry run you delete the collection AND RECYCLE THE IIS APPPOOL for this Site…  I forgot to recycle the AppPool and when I finished moving the collection for good the second time, the Web Access for Work items would crash with a COM Exception of some sort which I couldn’t figure out.  Then one of the support person at the client decided to recycle the AppPool and boom, everything worked great…  There must have been something in the AppPool memory that pointed to the dry run collection and the new one probably had other ids or something like that…  Anyways, Run the procedure and Reset the AppPool !


Happy TFS-ing all !

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