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Dev Teach Ottawa approching FAST !

The long awaited Dev Teach conference approches FAST and will be held in Ottawa on nov the 2nd to nov the 4th!

Very interesting material both in the main event and in pre-conferences with 2 friends of mine, Laurent Duveau and Mario Cardinal both giving a pre-conference workshop !  For my part, I'll be giving a talk on Mocking and Mocking Frameworks as I really think people need to be more aware of their power and the fact that nowadays, effective, responsive, scalable unit testing inevitably equals mocking frameworks...  There is a grand total of 48 sessions planned for the event: 12 sessions by ITProTeach for IT Professionals, 12 sessions by SQLTeach for DBAs and finally 24 sessions by DevTeach for developers.

If you are in the area, you should definitly try to attend the conference.... 


Register today !





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