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How to change your Windows Phone Emulator Skin

Hi Everyone,

By now you are very well aware of the Windows Phone and the development environment that you get after installing Windows Phone SDK on your computer. And if you have tested the tools you might have seen the Windows Phone Emulator which looks like the Test Phone Microsoft showed when they launched Windows Phone last year. Since the launch of the first Windows Phone, we have enough options to choose from on what type/size/memory/color/specs that we want in the phone that we use. Among all the phones out there the best Windows Phone I think is the Nokia Lumia 900.

But as a developer, we want the same kind of experience on our computer when we develop applications for Windows Phone. There is good new for us. Telerik announced new Nokia Lumia skins for the Emulator that we use for the development purposes. Here is what you have to do to change your Windows Phone Emulator.

  • First backup your default Emulator skins ( Navigate to “C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft XDE\1.0” )
  • Download the Telerik Skins for Windows Phone Emulator here (you have to login to Telerik to download this file, Register if you don’t have an account, it is going to be very useful)
  • Extract them
  • You can either change it to a Lumia 710 or a Lumia 800
  • Copy the skin files from the extracted folder (WM7_Skin_Down.png, WM7_Skin_Mask.png, WM7_Skin_Up.png, WM7_SKin.xml) and replace with the files that you see in the folder that you opened in your first step.
  • After the replace, open the Windows Phone Emulator by going to Start\Windows Phone SDK 7.1\Windows Phone Emulator
  • You should see the new Lumia Skin. That’s it my friends, now you have a Lumia Skin.
  • Share your experiences in the commentsThank you Vijaya Malla.

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