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If you are not following Shawn Wildermuth or haven't bought the Essential WP 7.5 Application Development with Silverlight I would highly recommend.

I am not going to talk about why we need a smartphone or how smartphone is taking over all the World, We all know how it started and where it took and where is going to take us in the future. Since we all know the future of the Mobile Eco systems I think it will be a good time to be a part of. lets jump into our series of blog posts of Windows Phone 7.5 Development.

This is how the first three best smart phones look like IPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Hopefully you can see the difference right away and what I meant by being special being a windows phone developer from my previous post.

iphone android windows

The start screen is the killer for Windows Phone where you can see the live tiles instead of icons that does nothing but taking you the application. The live tiles on Windows Phone does more than just taking you to the application but also shows the notification or more information about the application. And in my view that is what a smartphone is all about. It should make our life easy with other things so that we can be more connected to our family and friends (people).

After you have installed all the necessary tools that we need to develop windows phone applications we can open the installed the Windows Phone Emulator by going to Start and type Windows Phone Emulator and you should see it in the list of items and when you open it is going to look like below

image If you haven't installed the necessary tools for Windows Phone development, please see below
1. Need a PC or Windows on a MAC (obviously right?)
2. I have installed Visual Studio 2010 professional, you can download a version of Visual Studio Express good for just WP development. please follow the link for more installation instructions
This is going to be one installation for all your Windows phone 7.5 (Mango) development.

Now we are ready to develop our first windows phone application.

My next post is going to introduce little basics on windows phone real estate and little bit on What and How ‘s of the Phone. See you there.

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