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Too many option spoils the child! Well, I don't know about you, but that is the case with me recently. I had been looking to getting a good laptop for myself, and was torn between option of choosing a PC or Mac. My area of considerations where that I was mainly developing in .NET platform (and still continue to do so, but not in a large scale) but currently mainly working on a variant of SUSE Enterprise Edition on IBM BG/L and I am very much interested in getting a Mac just for the fact that it will be a new experience for me and the uber geek coolness it has.

In case I was going for a Mac, I was planning for a MacBook Pro (17") which comes to around USD 2500. So, I tried locating and similar priced PC laptop which would give me an excuse to decide on its favor instead of the Mac, I checked the Qosimo series for this task. But as of now I have not seen anything solid on the PC side. If I get a Mac, I will have the option to run Mac OS X, Windows XP Professional (nope, I do not have any inclination to use vista. Not even if it comes preloaded with my laptop) and as well as Linux. But in case I buy a PC laptop, I would be able to use only Windows and Linux.

In the meantime the favor / advantages of buying a Mac has been steadily increasing over this past 2 months. First, the news about the next version of Parallels promises near native hardware speed for windows applications and the latest news about VMWare Fusion is hard to ignore.

I am planning to decide on the laptop maximum by end of next month end, and so far now MacBook Pro seems to be the way to go!


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i'm having d same options to made, since my old computer has been broken for so long. I think its time for me to buy a new laptop to work as a developer, but having tight budget and trying to find best buy laptop for USD 1000. Got any idea which one is best buy ?? ;)
anw, sorry for my bad english :">
Left by Ronald on Jun 20, 2007 7:14 AM

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