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Exploring SharePoint 2013 Online

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Exploring SharePoint 2013

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What is Localization/Multilingual and Globalization? The term "Localization" defined as "Process of translating resources for a specific culture/languages", where "Globalization" defined "Process of designing applications that can adapt to different cultures/languages". When we publish a site for different regions then it'll be great if the site content is displayed in that regional language. SharePoint provides Language Packs which can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft Site. but the limitation ......

What is ULS in SharePoint 2010? ULS stands for Unified Logging Service which captures and writes Exceptions/Logs in Log File(A Plain Text File with .log extension). SharePoint logs Each and every exceptions with ULS. SharePoint Administrators should know ULS and it's very useful when anything goes wrong. but when you ask any SharePoint 2007 Administrator to check log file then most of them will Kill you. Because read and understand the log file is not so easy. Imagine open a plain text file of 20 ......

I got a question in MSDN forum that how to add a SharePoint document property in respective document's footer and it should be available to all new documents. It's really interesting and started R&D on this. Lets see how to insert document property in header/footer. How to use SharePoint document property inside Document's Header/Footer? Here the steps on creating document library and update the document template. First I'll create a Document Library named "Docs". If you already have document ......

Rating is a new feature introduced in SharePoint 2010 that can be added to any SharePoint List/Library. It helps users to evaluate and authors to get feedback. In SharePoint 2007, we have write code and deploy it as feature for rating. How to enable Rating in SharePoint 2010? It's very straight forward to enable rating in SharePoint 2010 lists. First let's create a Custom list named "Search Engines". If you already have list/library then you can skip this. Once created, open the list select "List ......

Language packs enable to view SharePoint site in other languages like Dutch, Spanish, etc. These language packs are available free to download from Microsoft site. Once it's installed and configured in SharePoint then users will get option to select those language and view the site in that language. Where can I download SharePoint 2010 language packs? Microsoft provides 40 different languages (including English) for SharePoint Foundation/Server 2010. Those language packs have the sharepoint site ......