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Today, I happen to see an conversation video about managed code framework for windows mobile device. A nice one and worth to watch it.

Chris Muench, a Mobile and Embedded MVP gives speach to Channel9 about how to write a managed Direct3D application for Windows Mobile devices.

There is a point he mentioned about "dark ages of gaming world" when the developers where fiddling around with assemblers to develop something. He very nicely specified about how much we changed from assemblers to C++ and now to Managed Code, which makes the life more easier in terms of efficient development even in the case of Game development where performance is highly needed. I like that point that there is also a dangerous thing that could happen because of managed code evolution as since the developers are loosing the knowledge about hardware where its becoming obsolete. Its true, right?

We never know for which hardware we write software, as though the application developed for computers now running in PDAs and vice versa.

One day the future developers would ask "What is assembler?" and could laugh at us :)

BTW check this video from Channel9

Posted on Friday, March 24, 2006 7:12 AM .NET Framework | Back to top

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