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  • tyarmer Hmmmm... chuckled listening to NPR this morning and hearing someone say something isn't "Rocket Scientry" about 713 days ago
  • tyarmer So pretty sure the phrase "filter out the dicks" was used 6 or 7 times in less than two minutes... #AwesomeLNK about 759 days ago
  • tyarmer Am I connected to the most unstable power node or something? about 831 days ago
  • tyarmer It's awfully late and awfully cold to have the power go out! Hope this doesn't last long. about 832 days ago
  • tyarmer I am so ready to go home. Its been a long week. about 837 days ago
  • tyarmer Finally home. I love deployment nights. Time to catch a little sleep. about 838 days ago
  • tyarmer Well... It seems I may be the owner of a windows surface now... about 841 days ago
  • tyarmer How many people honestly buy Mercedes and BMW cars for Christmas? about 846 days ago
  • tyarmer @tysonj Nope. The ranger died earlier this year. Now driving a 95 F250 lol. about 846 days ago


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Recently I was working on a project that had a large amount of roles that were going to be utilized on many different controllers and even on individual controller actions. Originally it was given to me utilizing the standard out-of-the-box way of Authorizing with MVC 1.0: //MVC’s standard authorize attribute [Authorize(Roles=”Administr... User”)] ......

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