Discussion of Virtualisation (or Virtualization to US readers) of operating systems, generally with a slant on how software developers use virtualisation to make life easier.
Upgrading Windows 8 boot to VHD to Windows 8.1–Step by step guide
UPDATE : I believe (I have not tested this scenario yet) you can use your existing Windows 8 partition to create a recovery USB drive that can be used to do the repair without the ISO, see and here is how to mount that USB as a drive for Hyper-V to see, Boot to VHD – dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8 became easy When Windows 8 arrived, ......

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Final ever Virtualisation for Developer slidedeck from NxtGenUG Cambridge
Thanks to Chris Hay, Allister Frost and the guys from NxtGenUG Cambridge for hosting an evening of virtualisation, and for their secretary Rachel Hawley for sorting out all the dates and details ;-). It was a good turnout so close to Christmas, obviously the bribe of home made mince pies got some people out on a cold wintery December evening. Big thanks to Allister for driving me to the railway station to ensure I made the 22:29 train, made all the easier by quaffing a couple of very well kept pints ......

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Last chance to see ... Virtualisation for Developers at NxtGenUG Cambridge, Tuesday 14th December
As a farewell to 2010 I'm also saying farewell to presenting my Virtualisation for Developers and Hyper-V for Developers presentations with a final outing at NxtGenUG in Cambridge (my first visit to a user group in The Fens). I may have some homemade nibbles and party stuff to liven up the evening, and a certain Rachel Hawley has suggested a santa hat might be appropriate too. It's going to be a fun night. Sign up details are available here, And ......

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Virtualisation For Developers - NxtGenUG Hereford, 11th October 2010

The Powerpoint deck is available for downloading from here,



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Virtualisation for developers - presentation from VBUG London (16 September 2010)
Thanks to VBUG London for hosting my penultimate Virtualisation for Developers talk (the last one is at NxtGen Hereford in October). It was a real whirlwind tour of VirtualPC, VirtualBox, VMWare Player, Workstation, ESXi and Hyper-V Server. Sorry, Citrix, you were mentioned but didn't get in. I've uploaded the slidedeck as both PowerPoint and a PDF with the speaker notes (where all the good stuff is). Virtualisation for Developers PDF (ZIP'd) Virtualisation for Developers PowerPoint (ZIP'd) I'm down ......

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Virtualisation double presentation from NEBytes on 15th July now available
Thanks to the Andy and Ben and all the guys at NEBytes for the late reschedule of my night of virtualisation, and for putting me up overnight. I hope that the late arrival (due to a delayed British Airways flight) didn't spoil the night, and the home made malt loaf helped make up for it. I've created PDFs of both presentations complete with speaker notes so you get all the content behind the main slides, including a heap of URLs to various resources, Virtualisation for Developers (Virtual PC, VMWare ......

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Hyper-V for Developers - presentation from NxtGenUG Oxford (including link to more info on Dynamic Memory)
Many thanks to Richard Hopton and the NxtGenUG guys in Oxford for inviting me to talk on Hyper-V for Developers last night, and for Research Machines for providing the venue. It was great to have developers not yet using Hyper-V who were really interested in some of the finer points to help them with specific requirements. For those wanting to follow up on the topics I covered, you can download the presentation deck as either PDF (with speaker notes included) or as the original PowerPoint slidedeck, ......

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Hyper-V for Developers - presentation from London .NET Users and VBUG Bracknell
Thanks to both London .NET User group and VBUG Bracknell for allowing me to present my Hyper-V for Developers talk last week. A weekend at DDD Scotland followed by two user group presentations means I'm a bit late getting the presentations uploaded to the blog, so many apologies if you've been waiting. LDNUG - VBUG - Also, at VBUG Bracknell I was asked if you could configure a Hyper-V server ......

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Hyper-V Server on a laptop - don't forget to check the power settings for the default power scheme
If you install Hyper-V Server it comes without the usual Windows Server UI. On a laptop this means there is no control panel applet or system tray battery icon available to adjust the power configuration. It's highly unlikely that the default option of Balanced is what you really want for hosting virtual machines, and you will ideally to set it to High Performance instead. No need to worry, you need the command line tool, powercfg. Run the command line with the option list and then use the -setactive ......

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DDD Scotland - Virtualisation for Developers presentation
Thanks to all the guys who turned out to the first presentation of the day at DDD Scotland where I gave my presentation, Virtualisation for Developers. As promised you can download the PowerPoint slide deck using the link below. Check out the speaker notes for all the resources and URLs I mentioned along the way. Thanks again for inviting me up to speak at DDD Scotland and creating a fantastic event. UPDATE And a video of an earlier ......

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