Silverlight and WPF related stuff.
DDD East Anglia, 29th June 2013 - Async Patterns presentation and source code
Many thanks to the team in Cambridge for an awesome first conference DDD East Anglia. I definitely appreciate how each of the different areas have their own distinctive atmosphere and feel. Thanks to some great sponsors we enjoyed a great venue and some excellent nibbles. For those who attended my Async my source code and presentation are available on GitHub, If you are new to Git then the easiest client to install is GitHub for Windows, a graphical ......

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Thanks to Conchango for hosting Silverlight User Group
Conchango hosted the first Silverlight User Group last night. It was great to see people discussing real world problems they have encountered and how they are really stretching Silverlight to the limit. A 3D demo of MRI scans within a Silverlight browser control was very impressive. Tim Sneath, evangelist for the Silverlight team, was over from Redmond and did a very informative round up of the current state of Silverlight development and the envisaged roadmap to release of 2.0 RTM. A great start ......

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