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Last week I was presented with a Microsoft MVP award in Virtual Machines – time to thank all who helped
MVP in Virtual Machines Last week, on 1st April, I received an e-mail from Microsoft letting me know that I had been presented with a 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award for outstanding contributions in Virtual Machine technical communities during the past year. It was an honour to be nominated, and is a great reflection on the vibrancy of the UK user group community which made this possible. Virtualisation for developers, not just IT Pros I consider it a special honour as my expertise in virtualisation is ......

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How to setup a SQL Server alias and when is a connection alias useful for developers?
UPDATE: 5th January 2012If the client machine does not have SQL Server Configuration Manager, then head over to this MSDN article, http://msdn.microsoft.com/e... Qureshi has written an excellent comment for how to use the command line utility, cliconfg.exe, on a client machine which lacks SQL Server Configuration Manager. Isn’t this old hat? In a distant SqlBits, far, far away (actually the very first SqlBits) I gave two grok talks; the first on developers using SQL Server ......

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SqlBits podcast
Craig Murphy was wily enough to record an interview with both myself and fellow developer Matt Barrett after the SqlBits conference.  Enhanced by the 80's music of Reading Bowl you can now experience the effect that several (free) pints of Guinness has on my diction;


Thanks to Craig for the tidy editing (he must have done some, believe me).

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SqlBits - notes from grok on using NTFS file encryption to secure SQL Server databases on laptop computers
This is a summary of the grok talk I gave at the SqlBits day at Microsoft UK in Reading on 6th October 2007. Thanks for all the delegates who finished lunch early to make the grok talks and I hope it proved useful. The target audience for this grok talk was those developers using SQL Server (2000 or 2005) on their laptops who might want to secure those databases. This issue is becoming more important as horror stories of lost laptops containing sensitive customer information now seem to appear every ......

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SqlBits - a great conference
Just a quick scribble to thank the organisers of SqlBits for a superb event on Saturday. There were some great sessions, especially David McMahon's Top 10 SQL Keywords. Not for the Led Zep Top Of The Pops countdown, but some real gems of knowledge. I've never been to a session where you can hear all the biros in the room simultaneously clicking open and furiously scribbling down notes. The nugget being scribbled was the SQL full text query search term FORMSOF(INFLECTION, 'ride') - which will match ......

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UK SQL Server community day, 6th October 2007, now open for registration
Following on from the highly regarded DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper days, some top guys from the UK developer community have organised a similar event for those dabbling with SQL Server. More details, and registration are now available at http://www.sqlbits.com. Just like DDD it will be held on a Saturday at Microsoft's UK headquarters in Reading. This is a welcome addition to the community calendar, given that database sessions at DDD can often become neglected as they aren't seen as dealing with ......

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