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Update to Where’s My Graphic Equalizer in Windows Media Player – now covers Windows 8

Have you wondered where the graphics equaliser in the Windows 8 version of Windows Media Player has moved?  It’s certainly not on the menu option you’d think it is …. well, I’ve updated my Windows 7 post to include Windows 8, it’s over here http://geekswithblogs.net/twickers/archive/2009/10/23/135680.aspx.

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Upgrading Windows 8 boot to VHD to Windows 8.1–Step by step guide
UPDATE : I believe (I have not tested this scenario yet) you can use your existing Windows 8 partition to create a recovery USB drive that can be used to do the repair without the ISO, see http://howto.cnet.com/8301-... and here is how to mount that USB as a drive for Hyper-V to see, http://www.petri.co.il/boot... Boot to VHD – dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8 became easy When Windows 8 arrived, ......

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Why I cancelled my Spotify Premium subscription - the tale of an atypical music consumer
Disclaimer Firstly, I must come clean, I work for a digital music company which is involved in digital music streaming and downloads. In no way are the views expressed are the views of the company for which I work. They are merely the subjective views of an atypical music consumer. I say atypical because despite being over 40, I seek out new bands on the radio, using listen again on 6Music and BBC Introducing programmes, such as Christian Carlisle’s excellent BBC Sheffield programme. I make an effort ......

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XP Mode (Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7) no longer requires hardware virtualisation - hurrah !
Windows Virtual PC (aka XP Mode) When XP Mode was released, it insisted on hardware virtualisation being present on your CPU and enabled in the BIOS. Given that Windows Virtual PC was based on an improved Virtual PC 2007, which provided hardware virtualisation as a user selectable option, I did wonder why on earth Microsoft thought this was a good idea. Not only do many people not have a CPU with hardware virtualisation support, some manufacturers don't provide a BIOS option to enable this setting, ......

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Adobe Acrobat Reader Updates – how to save them locally for repeated use, a step by step guide
As a developer I have several machines, some of which are virtual machines which may be isolated from the general internet. I used to get annoyed with Adobe not providing direct downloads for updates which means you have to download updates for each machine separately. I realise there may be good reasons for this, differentiating between different versions of operating system. However, I do like to have the ability to rebuild a system to a known state from scratch without relying on online updates. ......

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Windows Mobile – sync issues (again) and how to avoid ‘Align Screen’ on a hard reset
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PDF and eBooks - I know it's a marginal cost but are Manning take it to extremes?
Manning Publications has a program called MEAP. MEAP stands for Manning Early Access Program - basically buying a book as a PDF before the paper version is published, in fact, before it is even finished. Good for new technologies like ASP.NET MVC of Silverlight. Now I know that electronic versions have a marginal cost compared to paper versions, but Manning are taking this to extreme levels; In April, I bought the MEAP title, The Art of Unit Testing, $24.99 By August, the completion of The Art Of ......

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SqlBits podcast
Craig Murphy was wily enough to record an interview with both myself and fellow developer Matt Barrett after the SqlBits conference.  Enhanced by the 80's music of Reading Bowl you can now experience the effect that several (free) pints of Guinness has on my diction;


Thanks to Craig for the tidy editing (he must have done some, believe me).

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What punishment fits the crime - SELECT with no ordering
I'm busy maintaining a system which I didn't write, and keep hitting stored procedures which produce lists from drop down selections where it is a simple SELECT of two or three columns, with NO ORDER BY clause (or default sort in the database) to sort the list appropriately. I don't want to count the number of tickets in Trac I've dealt with on this one. So what punishment do you think is justified for this heinous crime? Probably not the death penalty. In the UK maybe sitting through ten episodes ......

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