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Discussion about Windows 8, due for release in 2012
Update to Where’s My Graphic Equalizer in Windows Media Player – now covers Windows 8

Have you wondered where the graphics equaliser in the Windows 8 version of Windows Media Player has moved?  It’s certainly not on the menu option you’d think it is …. well, I’ve updated my Windows 7 post to include Windows 8, it’s over here

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Upgrading Windows 8 boot to VHD to Windows 8.1–Step by step guide
UPDATE : I believe (I have not tested this scenario yet) you can use your existing Windows 8 partition to create a recovery USB drive that can be used to do the repair without the ISO, see and here is how to mount that USB as a drive for Hyper-V to see, Boot to VHD – dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8 became easy When Windows 8 arrived, ......

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DDDNorth2 Bradford, 13th October 2012 - Async Patterns presentation and source code
Many thanks to Andy Westgarth and his team for organising a fantastic conference at the rather elegant Bradford University School of Management. Also, a big congratulations to all the delegates who gave up there free time to come and hear us speak and who were, in general, enthusiastic and asked some cracking questions to keep us speakers on our toes. For those who attended my Async my source code and presentation are now available on GitHub, If ......

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DDDSouthWest 4.0 26th May 2012 - Async 20/20 presentation
As I wasn’t voted in with my nominated sessions I presented a 20/20 talk on the new async functionality coming with the .Net Framework. This was based on the PechaKucha presentation format, where you have only 20 slides with only 20 seconds per slide, and it progresses automatically. It was the first I’d attempted, so thanks to the organisers for allowing me to have a go. Although creating the slide deck was definitely easier than a one hour presentation, it was much more stressful giving the talk ......

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Mounting VHD comes to Windows Explorer in Windows 8
I'm glad to see that mounting a VHD file has escaped the Computer Management (Disk Management) administrator console in Windows 7, and made it to Windows Explorer in Windows 8. That should make the feature much more discoverable, as well as making it much easier to use. I think the ability to mount a VHD as a drive, read and write to it and then easily port that VHD to another machine is a great feature that's been hidden in Windows 7. More on the Windows 8 blog here, ......

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