Adobe Acrobat Reader Updates – how to save them locally for repeated use, a step by step guide

As a developer I have several machines, some of which are virtual machines which may be isolated from the general internet.  I used to get annoyed with Adobe not providing direct downloads for updates which means you have to download updates for each machine separately. 

I realise there may be good reasons for this, differentiating between different versions of operating system.  However, I do like to have the ability to rebuild a system to a known state from scratch without relying on online updates.

For this reason I quite often avoided downloading Acrobat updates, until I found out how to perform the update on one machine, capture the update files and then use these to roll out updates the various systems on which I have Acrobat Reader installed.

Step 1 – Help menu, check for Updates

Step 1 - Check for updates

Step2 – Adobe Updater progress bar should appear

Step 2 - Updater in progress
Step 3 – If updates are found, you have the option to click on a Preferences link

Step 3 - Click on preferences 
Step 4 - In the preferences dialog you will find a setting called File Location, this is where updates will be downloaded

Step 4 - Locate the file location for downloaded updates

Step 5 – Highlight the path, right click and copy the folder location

Step 5 - Copy the download file location 
Step 6 – Run Windows Explorer, paste in the folder location you just copied

Step 6 - Open Windows Explorer in download file location

Step 7 – Back in the Adobe Updater select the option to download and install updates, a new folder appears in Windows Explorer

Step 7 - The real download location appears

Step 8 – It is quite possible that the update will download additional patches to the main installation (and these are the patches you can never normally download directly from Adobe)

Step 8 - Multiple downloads might appear

Step 9 – You will need to copy the files from Windows Explorer once the download is complete, in Windows 7 the UAC confirmation (the small shield) halts the updater and gives you plenty of time to copy the files.  If the Adobe Updater runs automatically you need to be very quick as all the updates files are deleted once the update is complete.

Step 9 - Quickly copy those downloaded updates, the Adobe Updater deletes them after installation

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