I wouldn't buy a phone that didn't charge off USB because ...

I recently bought a new Windows Mobile phone, Benq E72, and one reason it won over a Samsung model is the standard mini-USB connector for data and charging (hint, hint, Nokia).

Why does this matter? Apart from charging off any laptop, and off an 4 x AA battery pack I already have for emergency charging, it can even charge off the weirdest devices.  Here it is with a standard USB to mini USB lead charging from my Philips DVD recorder which has a USB port for displaying photos and playing MP3s.

Benq E72 charging from Philips DVD player

If you need a clearer image of the phone screen try here.

I'm always stunned by phones with a mini USB port but can't charge from it (Nokia's, until recently), even more by phones with a mini USB port that will only charge from their own charger (Alcatel). Not counting the worse offenders, phone manufacturers who connect via USB but have customer connectors (Samsung, it's you I'm looking at) that lock you to the one and only charger you get with the unit.

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