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Liam Westley His incoherent ramblings December 2005 Entries
Smartphone 2003 versus Windows Mobile 2005 PDA phone - initial thoughts
T-mobile have tempted me to change from Orange with a cracking special offer, with a 40Mb per month GPRS allowance, coupled with 200 minutes of cross network calls for a very cheap £16 per month for 12 months (and £35 for 6 months). And I was given a HTC Wizard handset free as part of the deal. So I have upgraded my mobile phone from the HTC Typhoon (sold as; I-mate SP3, Qtek 8010, Orange SPV C500/C500S, Audiovox SMT 5600, Dopod 565) to the HTC Wizard (sold as; Qtek 9100, I-mate K-Jam, ......

Posted On Friday, December 2, 2005 2:26 PM

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