Write or Wrong? Using attributes with property set method and NUnit

After creating a class with property set/get and creating NUnit tests to stress the methods, I found I was typing the same numbers again and again for the maximum length of the string value of the property.  Worse, it was too easy to make a typo and have my NUnit test not reflect the true expected maximum length. 
So I created a MaxLengthAtrribute class which defines the maximum length of a property (incidently based on a field size in a database).  For example, a Surname property get/set method might look like this;
public string Surname
    get { return _surname; }
    set {
        if (value == null
            _surname = String.Empty; 
            ValidateStringProperty(this, "Surname", value);
            _surname = value

The method, ValidateStringProperty,  uses reflection to extract the maximum length from the attribute as shown below;

public static void ValidateStringProperty(object dataObject, 
    string propertyName, string newValue)
    int maxLength = ((MaxLengthAttribute)DataObject.GetType().GetProperty(propertyName).GetCustomAttributes(typeof(MaxLengthAttribute), false)[0]).MaxLength; 
    if (newValue.Length > maxLength) 
        throw new ArgumentException("Value should contain between 0 and " + maxLength.ToString() + "characters.", propertyName); 

In a similar manner the NUnit test for this string property obtains the maximum length from the MaxLength attribute and then tests setting strings of length 0 to the maximum value (comparing get is the same as the value just set).  The NUnit test also tries to set a string value of maximum length+1 to check for ArgumentException being thrown.
Now I can modify the maximum length of the property by changing the maximum length attribute, and the validation and NUnit test are instantly updated to match.
The question:  Is this a good way of tying together the property method checking and NUnit testing in a consistent manner?  Is there a signficant penality hit from the overhead of reflection every time a property is set to outweigh the benefit of the maximum length only existing in a single location?
UPDATE - 27 Aug 2005
Just tried some metric testing as suggested by Michael, you can download the source code from here; http://codecorner.tigernews.co.uk/codecorner/sampleapps/attributemetrics/attributemetrics.zip
Reflection, as expected is way slower, coming last.  Interestingly a single method, using a switch statement to return a max length for any property, also had a performance hit.  The fastest by far was having a matching MaxLengthXXXX read only property for each XXXX property.
Of course, the MaxLength attribute is by far the most elegant and places all the information in a single location.  Also, slow is relative, even with 100000 property set calls with reflection it took less than 1 second (on my 1.6/1Mb Centrino).

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Although your solution is creative and a very good one, I think you will find that the reflection part is a pretty big hit.

It would be interesting to do some sort of testing between the Attribute and a Static utility method that does the same thing, but might the first check in your property before performing any type of action.

Either way, It is a good use for the Attribute.
Left by Michael on Aug 26, 2005 7:04 PM

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