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Ok, since last week I am both busy with work, extra activities and setting up my new website. I set up a website called on the weekend. I choose to go with WordPress blogging software. As my readers might already know, I am not a programmer or developer. I just follow the written instructions on the website on how to install things and so on. I had a hard time getting WordPress blogging software to work. Firstly it was my hosting provider (Brinkster) who were having some technical problems and then the installation of the software was giving me heaps of problem. I had nearly given up, but William Luu saved my day. He helped and solved the major problems with the installation and get my site to up and running where it is now.

I still have to get quite a few problems fixed on my new site. The main ones are:-

1) The feeds are not working. The main feed cannot be subscribed from aggregators like Newsgator and few others. The comment feed is giving me some error message that I don't understand at all.

2) Whenever somebody comments on my blog, the comments are not posted without moderation, even though I have opted out of it. I have followed some of the instructions on the WordPress support site, but it does not help and the problem stays.

3) I don't get email notifications when someone comments on my blog.

I would request people to help me out on this and guide me as to take the necessary steps. Your help would be much appreciated. I have enjoyed blogging on site, but there were few reasons that prompted me to start a website of my own. I will make a seperate post regarding it. Till the things don't get fixed on my new site, I will keep on double posting ( that is here and on my new blog site at ). I will again like to thank Jeff Julian of this site to have helped me out and get my own up and running here.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Monday, January 31, 2005 8:46 PM Misc. | Back to top

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