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Using Speegle one can listen to the search results searched through Google Search engine, that too in different voices. Interesting I would say. Just thinking about this technology, will people like to integrate this technology into their website or blogs? I can see people integrating this technology on their blogs, where a voice similar to their's will read out the posts and can even read the comments in a separate voice. Won't this give a more personal touch?

The other option is, when people create a post on their blog, they can also upload a voice version of their post in their own voice. This way, the true emotions of the author will be felt when he was writing that post. When people post comments to the post, they could have a option of uploading their comments in their own voice. Well more time and bandwith will be consumed, but it could be worth it! Yes, this is something very similar to podcasting, but here people can enjoy the post in both the versions, the text as well as the voice. If people start reading the post and they think it is a interesting, then they can download the voice file and listen you talk. Just imagine Bill Gates commenting on your blog in his own voice! With the podcasts, not all podcasts are interesting and I won't know that until I have heard the whole podcast and they swear and delete the podcast.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 10:38 AM Technical | Back to top

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