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I am reading Steve Crescenzo's blog. Steve's blog just got my aggregator.Steve is posting a question, 'Are you network worthy?' Steve I am visualising how my face would have turned out if someone asked me that question upfront. Well for me, I would say it won't harm anybody in anyway to network with me. All in all, at the end of the month/year they won't feel that networking with Tejas was a utter waste of time. And this applies not only to people working in Computer industry but from other sectors as well. Seems as if I am boasting now..... I have quite a few online friends, friends scattered around the world, doing different things. I know people working in different industries as well as at different levels. It's amazing how much discount one can get if he/she knows somebody's friend at a local computer store or a local Clive Peters :). I reply to email messages and return phone calls. I don't pretend to be very busy when someone needs my help on something, which quite a few people do (they think that nobody will think that they are pretending).

I would say there are many benefits of networking with the right people or right people's friend. Which brings me to another question. What do you look for when you are networking with people (what qualities)?

Tejas Patel

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 9:41 AM Misc. | Back to top

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