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When I made my last post I just did not wanted to flaunt the bad things going on in India. As I said I love my country, I am proud to be a Indian, a Gujarati, a Patel and everything that follows it. I am a bit patriotic but would not go to the extend of making the statement that I will die for my country for whatever reason. OK, I can do that for a very worthwhile cause and that cause should make a real difference to the country.

Country is made of people and I meant to critisize Indians. People who are forgetting how great our country is and the strenghts of India.

But it hurts me when I see that things are not improving in India as they should. As far as Television goes, India has progressed far better than many countries. Advertising industry in Australia should take lessons from the advertising Guru's in India on how to make creative Ads. Advertising in Australia is so boring. People should look at the ads. that are made in India. Mobile phone companies are so creative and making heaps of money by being creative. One new service that I saw here was the service of “phone songs”. With this service when you call some and if that person has opted for 'phone songs' than instead of listening to normal ring tone, I will be able to hear a nice hindi song. There are other serivcies like this too. It is good to see that now there are major chains in India everywhere like McDonalds,Pizza Hut, Subway and all. It is good to see that people are spending money after Pizza at nearly the same price as Pizza's are sold in Australia.

But the sad part is people are complaining about India's condition while not doing anything to improve the condition. People admire how corruption is less in other countries but they don't do anything to reduce corruption in India. Instead just for selfish motives, they will themselves bribe somebody or the other. One of my relative tells me that I should come to India and start a act against corruption, government people not working enough and all the crap that is stopping India to stand shoulder to shoulder with other countries.When I asked him why can't he do anything, he told me that " How can I alone do anything? And I have a business to manage"!!

It is sad that in a country like India, politicians stop all the work in a country for one day in support of a 'Priest' who has ordered to kill somebody. In India there are millions of people who earn daily and  than eat from the money. Why don't politicians think of those people. why don't politicians think of how uncomfortable millions of people will be by such a nation stopping event. It is sad to see government offices empty and nobody working there while employees are still on the payroll. It hurts when people get killed by their own foolishness and carelessness. It hurts when I see that people here don't care enough of  their fellow citizens and let them suffer their own missery!

There is not a single day where I have not sighted news in the local newspaper about the scams happening in Government departments or in offices. Newspaper are filled with the news of brother killing father for money and relative killing another relative for a piece of land.It hurts when youngsters fail to respect their own culture. They don't even know much about their religion and their society. They are not proud of thier own culture. They are dazzled by MTV and V-TV. They want to be westernised. Going to temples is old fassioned for them.

Fellow Indians, understand the strength of India and make India and better place and be better Indians. Let's take our country to a new level and to a new height.Care for your country.

( I pay for my phone and Internet connection on a per minute basis, so I am sure that there are many grammatical mistakes as well as spelling mistakes).

Tejas Patel

Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2004 5:40 PM Misc. | Back to top

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