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I (We) were so excited about coming to India.Finally we are in 'Our' India. Our excitement and expectations were rising the day I decided that this November December I am going to India. Day by day November got closer and it was time to fly. Most of my friends called me up to say 'BYE' and to wish us safe journey. Even in Singapore I caught up with two people who were only my online friends for few years now but had never seen or spoken to them over the phone. We had the chance to meet them at the Airport and then moving around the city with them. We ate at the local food court in the city area and then moved around Little India Market. Man, I was amazed!! The place just looked like any busy market in India. The decoration, the crowd, people pushing each other and all that. I was already gettig the feeling of being in India.

Food, Taxis and shopping is overall cheap in Singapore compared to Melbourne (this is what I felt). My friends told me that owing a car in Singapore is a very expensive affair and showed me the after math of it. They told me that registration fee is a lot expensive there. We moved with our friends for nearly 9 hours and then it was the time to get back to the Airport. Five and half hours and we are in India. Yes We were in our India.

Now I am very proud to be an Indian. I am proud of the fact that I was born in this country which is full of rituals and amazing culture. I love my India. I want my India to improve, not only in IT and Servicing field but also in all aspects of Society. Below are some of the instances that I don't want to be proud of in India. I landed and I had to wait for one hour fifteen minutes for my luggage to come. Trolley boys (who are hired by the Airport authorities) started harrassing the passengers for money (dollars). They offer passengers that they will handle their luggage till the exit doors and in return they wanted money for their tea and water. The officer who stamped our passports was also looking at us with suspicious eyes! After waiting for our luggage for more than one hour our bags finally arrived and we walked towards the customs checking. I saw two customs officer talking to a Indian lady. It was obvious that they wanted to rip her off and wanted some money out of her. After arguing this and that, the officer started looking at the ceiling and wispered politely in Gujarati and the translation of which is as follows" O sister, why argue so much. Just give us 250 Rs. and move ahead". At this moment I knew that I am standing in India. India has not improved much since I left. My wife was walking in front of me, she was scared that officer might ask for money from her. Being scared she carried her bags to the customs officer and was cleared instantly. The man who was helping to put bags on the belt started asking for money as well. He was so desparate that he said I could give him a dollar or even less as Rs. 5. They have downgraded themselves so much. I did not give him money and walked forward thinking that officer will not let me go, but to my surprise nothing happened and I walked passed customs border. Even the guard  at the exit door asked for some money for 'tea and snacks'. Luckily I did not give any money, but I felt bad. This aspect of things have not changed in India.

Indians themselves are big enemies of their own society. They are not helping their society nor their country by encouraging corruption.

Than came the obvious portion of the story. Meeting with family members. Emotional moments! Nearly 15 of my family members were at the Airport. Yes I was inhaling the air of my state. Wow I could already see stray dogs and cows on the road. Nobody likes to follow traffic rules here. People can break traffic rules in front of the police officer! OK this means that not much has changed as far as traffic sense goes.

OK, now I am partly complaining and partly happy when I say that while siteseeing my city, I saw all the things that I was missing in Melbourne. Stray animals, corrupt traffic police officers, dirty and broken roads, beeping vehicles and people running on the roads is what I could enjoy on my day one in India.

I have many family functions and marriages to attend while I am in India. That is one small reason for not blogging now a days. The main factor is the computer speed and the Internet connection. It sucks. I wish I could get the same Internet speed as I was getting in Melbourne.

After many disconnections I could finally install RSS Bandit. Due to busy schedule I am out of touch with the blogging community. I know I am missing a lot, but family comes before everything else. Another 15 days are very busy for me. My brother-in-law is getting married. Our marriage processions go for nearly 8-10 days. As fas as blogging goes, I cannot wait to get back to Melbourne and get back into blogging. It is also difficult for me to keep myself away from all the happening events around the world.

Tejas Patel

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