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I have to say I am flaterred and walking half an inch above the ground today. I was not able to blog on the things I wanted to blog from last few days and still is the same condition, so a bit sad I thought of opening my referrer logs this morning to see where the traffic is flowing from, hmmn. the traffic show me few referrers from one URL, click on it and find link. Wow, someone has linked to my blog along with Robert Scoble and few other blogs. The site by no means looked like a blog, so I went to the main page which seems to be like a web directory and then to find more I looked into about us page to find the following Important content “All Web blogs, Web sites and portals listed in the directory are examined by our team of editors, and only if qualified are granted inclusion. Editorial review ensures that all destinations are appropriately listed in their most relevant category; all Web blogs, Web sites and portals included must contain substantive unique content, navigate in a user-friendly manner, contain no broken links or pictures, be up and running 24/7, and conform to universally accepted Web standards.

Wil's Domain remains committed to building a comprehensive directory, while maintaining a high standard of listings. The Wil's Domain editorial team examines each destination, checking for quality and thoroughness, placing appropriate Web sites in their respective categories. When not reviewing submissions, the Wil's Domain editors routinely scour the Internet in search of applicable Web blogs, Web sites and portals for inclusion. Many popular Web blogs, Web sites and portals are added this way monthly, but we need your help to grow. If you are a blogger, Web site owner or Webmaster looking to promote your Web site in a cost-effective manner, please use the Wil's Domain Directory Submit Service to receive an expedited review of your Web site. If you represent a non-profit organization, please contact us. Our editorial team reviews all non-profit submissions in the order in which they are received”

Glad to be included into a list that has high standards. Well not quoted on Time's magazine yet as Robert Scoble has been, but it's good to be on one of the exclusive list where he belongs too. Apart from this, this link also gave me bit of motivation as I read “Ingenious Tejas's Digest (IT Digest) blog rocks.“ on the link page. Thanks to Willie Ford Jr.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2004 2:11 PM Misc. | Back to top

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